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I hate my job and my coworkers reddit

If your bad workplace has really taken a toll on your confidence, build it back up. Talk to your family, your close friends, and your near and dear. These are your best cheerleaders —and they will help you to escape your confidence lapse by reminding you that your bad boss and your crappy colleagues just ain't it. 5..

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Your coworkers can be a pseudo-family or, you know, they can be the other thing. The murder-death-stabbiest part of your day. So here's a dorky list I've often pondered when trapped in a job I hate. Fictional places I'd like to work. Not so much for the kind of career offered, but for the staff, the feeling. Gird your loins, all ye who..

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This job has its ups and downs. The good: -I make my own schedule. -I work at a place that only collects a door fee, so other than tipping out the DJ and security, I keep all of my money. -I don't.

The co-worker didn't deny any of these comments. He explicitly told my husband "I don't remember saying that, but I probably did, I say a lot of dumb shit in here." He did, however, stay late after his shift, wait for my husband in the parking lot, and follow him around in his truck, while shouting at him, which my husband reported to HR. HR.

I wasn't expecting to be impressed. Mechanical keyboards are great, but they're rarely practical. It feels badass to mash into a great keyboard with Cherry switches when I'm playing games, or for.

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